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MOE has roots dating back to 1930 and has since developed into one of the country’s leading companies of consulting engineers.

MOE’s History

A power plant expands, spawning a company

In 1930, civil engineer A.J. Moe was commissioned to plan an extension of the H. C. Ørsted power station. He therefore founded an engineering company, , which went on to become Denmark’s leader in power plants.

MOE’s History


In 1994, the two engineering firms A.J. Moe and O.H. Brødsgaard merged to becomeMoe & Brødsgaard. Expertise within building airports now became part of the common competence profile.

MOE’s History

From company to group

In 1999, the ‘Black Diamond’, the new extension of the Royal Danish Library, was inaugurated and thus began an era for MOE as consultant engineers for a broad spectrum of new, groundbreaking Danish architecture. A development that later also came to include the Den Blå Planet aquarium, the VM Houses, 8 House, Amager Bakke and AARhus.

From the turn of the millennium, the range of consultancy began to be expanded significantly with many new competencies. This was achieved by a number of acquisitions that also made MOE nationwide.

MOE’s History

New name

In 2013, Moe and Brødsgaard changed name to MOE. The head office moved the same year to Gladsaxe, to a new and sustainable office building at Buddinge Station.




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