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Career opportunities and interdisciplinary cooperation

Through MOE Academy, our employees can strengthen their professional competencies and acquire new competencies. Exciting interdisciplinary projects across geographies strengthens both cooperation and learning.

Said Mohamed Mohamud works in MOE Southern Denmark. Working on large interdisciplinary projects has broughthim to many of our offices in Denmark and the courses in MOE Academy has contributed to his career development.

At the MOE Academy, employees are trained in the various aspects of project work.The courses are divided into several levels and aim to give the project staff and project managers the tools and knowledge that are required to carry out a project.

Gennem kurserne i MOE Akademi har Said fået indblik i forventningerne til medarbejderne i MOE:

“I have completed project management courses. Through this I have gained knowledge that allows me to interact well with project managers with regard to the timing, quality and planning of the work – now I know The MOE Way. This gives me both co-responsibility for and ownership of the project, as well as confidence, knowing that you are doing it right,” says Said.

 The courses are based on MOE’s project model, which is a comprehensive management tool for carrying out projects. Said is a super user of the Civil 3D software, and he took the initiative to prepare some quick simple tutorials that can be used to share knowledge about the software, tools and con-figuration.

“Knowledge sharing on best practices makes a lot of sense when we cooperate with the various sites. Video works well. It can easily il-lustrate how to use the software and optimise nowledge sharing and learning. My ambition is for us to develop even further within 3D, BIM and VDC – it is a super exciting area that is con-stantly changing,” says Said.

One of the things that Said appreciates at MOE is the interdisciplinary collaboration and inde-pendence of his work.

“Because there is so much interdisciplinary work, I have been to practically every office after a year or so. In addition to the work, the annual study trip and all the social events at MOE are also very good opportunities to get to know people throughout MOE,” Said concludes.