Key Employees MOE | Zealand

Klaus Jørgensen
Klaus JørgensenDivision Director
T: +45 2528 1819
E: kjo@moe.dk



Betina Nagel Petersen
Betina Nagel PetersenHead of Administration
T: +45 2528 1833
E: bnp@moe.dk
Tine Skotte
Tine SkotteBusiness Manager | Buildings
T: +45 2528 1836
E: tisk@moe.dk
Niels Thorsen
Niels Thorsen Business Manager | District Heating
T: +45 2528 1834
E: nth@moe.dk
Ib Rasmussen
Ib RasmussenOperating Manager
T: +45 55720907
E: ihkr@moe.dk
Bjarke Rasmussen
Bjarke RasmussenBusiness Manager | Infrastructure
T: +45 2528 1846
E: bjr@moe.dk
Allan Meier
Allan MeierBusiness Manager | Soil Engineering
T: +45 2528 1849
E: alm@moe.dk

Our Addresses

Vordingborg  |  Næstvedvej 1  |  DK-4760 Vordingborg  |  T: +45 5537 1600  |  E: info@moe.dk

Næstved  |   Marskvej 29  |  DK-4700 Næstved  |  T: +45 5572 0907  |  info@moe.dk

Our Organisation MOE | Zealand

Based in Næstved and Vordingborg, MOE | Zealand has approximately 100 employees who provide full-service consulting. Our two offices, positioned in central Zealand, gives us a strong regional presence in Zealand – especially in the infrastructure area.

The units within infrastructure and soil engineering are located in Næstved. From here, we provide technical consulting within drainage, climate adaptation, roads, soil engineering and environment, always supplemented by the remaining experts from our other offices. The units Construction and Energy & Industry are gathered in Vordingborg. Here, we provide consulting services such as the traditional engineering disciplines, district heating, renovation and environment.

Our Offices in Vordingborg and Næstved makes MOE | Zealand

The office in Vordingborg is located in the old gymnasium on Næstvedvej. The building oozes history and cultural heritage, but the office facilities are up-to-date after having been rebuild. We are centrally located just across Vordingborg Station and close to main roads.