Together with Lendager Group and BRIQ, MOE will be responsible for the design of the official Danish Pavilion, which will be the venue for a business promotion focusing on sustainable solutions.

When Denmark heads for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the objective will not only be to celebrate athletic prowess, but also to showcase Danish solutions and skills to a Japanese and international audience. A major promotion is to be staged in a Danish-designed pavilion in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park during the Olympic and Paralympic Games between 24 July and 6 September 2020.

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs has joined forces with VisitDenmark to head the promotion, which has been developed in collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation and Realdania.

Simon Kollerup, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs:

“The Tokyo Olympics are a unique opportunity to show some of the best that Denmark has to offer in fields such as design, food and sustainability. Japan is the world’s third largest economy, and represents a springboard for exports to other Asian markets. It is therefore of great importance to Danish industry that we make ourselves visible – particularly showcasing our environmental consciousness – during the Tokyo games.”

MOE, Lendager Group and BRIQ therefore intend to construct the most sustainable pavilion for the Olympics, incorporating the reusability of the individual parts into the design. The pavilion will also contribute to the vision of the Japanese hosts of creating an Olympics that inspires the world towards a better common future.

During the promotion, Danish companies will be able to use the pavilion as a venue to meet Japanese and international contacts, and to become part of the exhibition and its activities, interacting with the audience.

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