MOE is geographically organised to be close to our customers with a good understanding of the local areas. The three business areas of Buildings, Energy & Industry and Infrastructure are common to all units. We therefore undertake a wide range of work at each office across disciplinary boundaries.

The Board of Directors consists of representatives from the circle of owners and employees. The top management in MOE consists of the Executive Board, the Managing Staff Functions, the Managing Directors and the Division Directors from all Danish geographies.

In Copenhagen, the business areas are further divided into four; Building & Design, Business & Residential, Energy & Industry and Infrastructure.

Project Organisation

MOE has a clear and manageable project organisation that ensures a short chain of command and rapid decision making. Individual projects are managed by the project manager, who leads a project team designed for the assignment. The project manager has overall responsibility to the client and reports to the project owner.

Our Offices

The business areas Construction, Energy & Industry and Infrastructure are present in all offices where the professionalism and expertise can be drawn upon by the entire firm.




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