Key Employees Aalborg

Lars Kjeldgaard
Lars KjeldgaardDivision Director
+45 2540 0030
Vibeke Leegaard
Vibeke LeegaardDivision Secretary
+45 2540 0092
Benny William Jepsen
Benny William JepsenBusiness Director | Civil Works
+45 2540 0100
Susanne Ørnbo
Susanne ØrnboBusiness Director | Industry
+45 2540 0352
Mads Vangsgaard
Mads VangsgaardBusiness Director | Building
+45 2540 0192

Our Address

Østre Havnegade 18 1. th  |  9000 Aalborg  |  +45 9812 1911  |  info@moe.dk

About Our Office in Aalborg

MOE Aalborg’s office is on the first floor of Pakhuset at Østre Harbour in Aalborg. A modern and newly developed maritime urban space. We planned the renovation of Pakhuset ourselves and now have nice facilities with a harbour view. We are able to take a dip in the harbor bath both before and after working hours. Our office is located close to the city centre of Aalborg and close to the bigger roads.