Employee commitment together with the MOE project model is now bearing fruit for the company, which in 2018 had the best result ever, and growth on both the top and the bottom line.

Turnover in 2018 increased to DKK 689 million, representing an increase of 17% on the figure for 2017. The profit after tax is DKK 29.4 million, compared with DKK 17.3 million in 2017 – impressive growth of 70%. The operating margin is 6.3%.

The company now has over 900 employees, and is among Denmark’s biggest consulting engineering companies.

“It’s a fantastic result that everyone at MOE can be really proud of. The result shows the commitment of employees and the strength of our project model. We’re at the same time in a good market, and we thus have a strong basis for continued growth,” says CEO Christian Listov-Saabye.

Focus on development of the three business areas Construction, Energy & Industry and Infrastructure, in particular with a view to consultancy services in the field of sustainability, has provided a good response in the market.

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“Our clear contribution to the development of sustainable construction has resulted in exciting new assignments such as the UN17 Village. We have an excellent platform in the field of infrastructure, where we are strong in the areas Traffic Models and Airport Expertise. At the same time, more services in the field of industry are being developed,” says Christian Listov-Saabye.
Christian Listov-Saabye
Christian Listov-SaabyeCEO

The company places a strong emphasis on continued development and innovation in the field of digital tools for use in project implementation. Through BIM models and ICT agreements, interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination is being rationalised in order to achieve better projects and reduce costs. The BIM models are greatly contributing to an increase in the feasibility of complex buildings. There is a focus on development of automation processes, whereby programs and systems increasingly do part of the calculation work, in order to make projects more cost-effective. Virtual user involvement and common digital communication platforms are being used, providing a better basis for decision-making in the early phases.

New business areas are being developed, and expansion of the company’s geographical presence is being pursued, whilst the growth and expansion of local offices is continuing.

MOE has a strategic goal of developing more consultancy services that focus on our customers’ needs.

“We envisage a bigger market in the coming years, especially in the field of specialised consultancy for developers. We’re now also offering the services Legal Advice, Cost Management and Facilities Management as part of our range of consultancy services, says Christian Loistov-Saabye.

The company is continuing to develop and invest in the subsidiaries in Norway and the Philippines.

“We’re focusing on continued development in Norway, and on implementing major assignments in collaboration with Denmark and our outsourcing unit in the Philippines. We’re continuing our strategy of becoming a Nordic group, and are in search of new acquisitions in Norway and, in the long term, in Sweden,” says Christian Listov-Saabye. 

The best employees in the industry
“We wish to attract the best employees in the industry, and are working hard on being a workplace with an emphasis on a sustainable approach within an informal and positive work culture, as well as offering many benefits such as study trips, parties and sports and cultural events,” Christian Listov-Saabye concludes.