An annual result with both top and bottom line growth forms a solid basis for our further international development.

The turnover in 2019 rose to 724 million DKK, representing an increase of 9% from 2018. After-tax profits come to 40.9 million DKK, against 29.4 million DKK in 2018 – a growth of 39%. The operating margin stands at 7.6%.

MOE, a part of Artelia Group with around 6000 employees, now has more than 900 employees, and is amongst Denmark’s largest consulting engineering companies.

“We have achieved a great result in 2019. We have created growth in turnover, earnings, as well as employee count,” states a proud Christian Listov-Saabye, CEO of MOE.

Development in Scandinavia
In December 2019, MOE became a part of the European Artelia Group, which has offices across the globe. Together, MOE and Artelia have formed a strategy focused on Northern Europe and the Scandinavian market. With the support of Artelia, MOE has a strong position to continue the development of MOE Norway, and Sweden is next on the list. Christian further expresses that:

“Our collaboration with Artelia has put us in an international market with our core competencies, particularly in sustainability. We are currently working on a project to transform the House of Denmark on the Champs-Élyssées in Paris into a beacon for sustainable building techniques. We are also experiencing a great deal of European interest in our consulting in traffic and mobility, as well as in district heating.”

The pandemic reveals new methods

Despite the lockdown in Denmark and in many other countries in the first half of 2020, MOE came through the crisis without losing strength. Nearly every project has continued during this time, with only a few having to be stopped or out on hold. The financials for the first half of the year are also good.

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The coronavirus has shown how fragile our society can be. It has changed our daily lives, our life-style, and our ways of communicating. The pandemic has put an accelerated focus on issues such as security, digitalisation, and mobility, which are all within our fields of expertise. We envision a large post-corona market in the future.
Christian Listov-SaabyeCEO, MOE

MOE has been well-equipped for the crisis, with a solid digital infrastructure and employees that were able to work from home. A strong corporate culture, with a high degree of employee-driven cultural projects, has contributed to the maintenance of cohesiveness and relationships during remote working. Shortly after the beginning of the lockdown, the need arose for the ability to meet and work together in the new form of everyday work. Employees created the Facebook group “Since we can’t meet by the coffee machine anymore” in order to share their daily lives. Virtual post-work Friday meetups were organised and innovative ideas were shared.

Green solutions and timber on the rise
Projects with a sustainable focus have steadily grown in recent years, currently accounting for around half of our turnover. Wooden buildings are spreading across Denmark, and the use of wood as a sustainable construction material is also promoted at a political level. MOE has been involved in the construction of 65,000 square metres of wooden buildings over the last 20 years. At the request of the supplier association Wood in Construction, we are now using this experience in a new knowledge centre which combines competencies such as fire safety, acoustics, indoor climate, cost management, sustainability, and wooden structures into a special unit helping customers reach their goals in wooden construction. The latest example is TR3 in Aarhus, which will utilise recycled materials and become Denmark’s tallest wooden building.

The company is currently working on a large development project related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and tools to help customers make their projects more sustainable.

” We are backing the Danish government’s statements on the climate agenda, and the new initiatives on renovations of public housing. All of us must contribute to the green transition, and a core value of MOE is the protection of the environment and climate through the consultancy and technical insight we are providing. In our own case, we are working on decreasing our emissions, and are running multiple initiatives to motivate our employees to choose more sustainable methods of transport. Amongst these are the several cycling campaigns we run through the course of the year,” concludes Christian.

MOE Denmark
(t. DKK)
(t. DKK)
(t. DKK)
(t. DKK)
Net turnover504.922559.676662.717724.440
Results primary operations31.62230.90546.84950.859
Results after tax25.24917.31229.39140.934
Operating profit margin6,35,57,18,2
Solvency ratio28,127,929,032,1

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Christian Listov-Saabye
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Rikke Gemzøe
Head of Communications
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About MOE

MOE is one of Denmark’s largest multidisciplinary consulting engineering companies with more than 900 employees spread across offices in Denmark and subsidiaries in Norway and the Philippines.

MOE is part of Artelia Group, an international multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialising in the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and energy. With 5,900 employees and turnover of €632m in 2018.

The Group has offices in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas and is 100% owned by its managers and employees.

Lisbjerg Bakke
photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen
CEO Christian Listov-Saabye
Photo: John Ehbrecht
MOE Domicile
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