MOE, Bjarke Ingels Group and Schønherr Landscape Architects have revealed designs for a new yin-yang-shaped panda enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo that will serve as the new home of two Chinese giant pandas upon their arrival in 2018.

The habitat is designed so the pandas can retire and find shade, while also being seen by the audience. The slopes have a great variety and richness of plants, rocks, climb trees and logs that the animal can thrive in.

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MOE will provide all engineering disciplines and a wide range of specialist services for this unique project.

In the coming years, Copenhagen Central Station will encounter significant growth in the number of passengers, which will increase the need for bicycle parking. It is estimated that an additional 4,000 bicycle parking spaces will be needed up until 2030.

In connection with this, a team consisting of MOE, Tetraplan Juul, Frost Arkitekter and Gehl Architects has helped the Municipality of Copenhagen by submitting a number of qualified tenders showing how the challenges can be met.

Surveys indicate that simply optimising the existing conditions is not sufficient enough to meet the expected need. Therefore, it is necessary to think about alternative solutions for developing bicycle parking. The scenario catalogue presents many different proposals for a solution.

The team has worked on the potential location of a large number of parking spaces, both over Banegårdsgraven and in a basement under Bernstorffsgade. In addition, the potential extension of bicycle parking in Reventlowsgade has been outlined.