Project Description

Acoustics & Noise

At MOE | Acoustics, we know that early involvement of our specialist skills will usually lead to better and more integrated solutions. We have many years of experience in consulting on how to optimise building acoustics and can ensure a design that is functional, aesthetic and ensures excellent acoustics properties

We ensure the best acoustics

MOE | Acoustics works with acoustics and noise at all stages of construction – from the very beginning applying for permits to final handover. We act as consultants to the developer, consultant engineers/designers and make final measurements for proof of performance.

Only a few wrong decisions are needed to minimise the quality of acoustics. Because there are so many disciplines involved in a building process, there are also many points at which it can go wrong. That’s why MOE | Akustik can work with any of the disciplines involved. This applies both internally at MOE and for our external partners. For example, we work closely with architects to get the aesthetic lines to produce the best acoustics.

We are well-resourced to quickly and efficiently help companies that need evidence of their noise pollution for the surrounding residents, using computer modelling. The model provides details on the contribution of each noise source and ensures minimum retrospective adjustment is needed to suppress noise.

We work with the entire range of acoustics and noise, right from advanced acoustic simulation programs to large-scale noise mapping for traffic and commercial/industrial projects.

We can carry out environmental measurements

We work closely with the architect and the contractor to create the right solutions that will ensure optimal working conditions and aesthetic, realistic solutions for the developer. For example, we are certified to carry out “Environmental measurement – external noise” and “Environmental measurement – traffic noise”. We also perform measurements of:

  • Sound insulation – impact sound level and airborne sound insulation
  • Noise from installations
  • Reverberation
  • Speech intelligibility, STI (Speech Transmission Index)
  • External noise
  • Vibrations
  • Long-term monitoring via web solutions

We work with advanced simulation programs with quality-controlled and calibrated measuring equipment.

Close cooperation ensures the right solutions

We work in close consultation with our customers to ensure they get the perfect solutions for their needs. Our customers are in the public and private sectors and we work with acoustics and noise in all areas, ranging from airports to educational institutions, cultural buildings, offices and homes.

MOE Acoustics offers:

  • Optimising acoustics – design/consultancy
  • Building and room acoustics
  • Soundproofing
  • Certified to perform “Environmental measurements – external noise”
  • Certified to perform “Environmental measurements – traffic noise”
  • Noise mapping
  • Proof of performance measurements
  • Acoustic simulation – listen before you build
  • Complaints
  • Environmental approvals
  • Building permits
  • Checking sound insulation of buildings
  • Traffic noise – road and rail
  • Planning noise protection embankments
  • Noise action plans
  • Online noise and vibration monitoring

Contact us, if you want to know more

Akustik og støj - lydmåling - MOE rådgivende ingeniører

Sound measurement

We consult on noise mapping and noise suppression. We measure noise levels and can provide the necessary documentation, from brief notes to complete reports.

When measuring noise, we maintain close dialogue with the client and any authorities involved to reveal the degree of noise measurement and documentation requirements. This can be anything from the neighbour’s noisy oil-fired boiler to regulatory requirements for thorough and exhaustive documentation.

Our consultancy includes:

  • Complaints
  • Environmental approvals
  • Sound impact
  • Building permits
  • Checking requirements for sound insulation of buildings
  • (Long-term) monitoring of noise and vibration
  • Traffic noise
Akustik og støj - bygnings- og rumakustik - MOE rådgivende ingeniører

Building and room acoustics

We have advanced acoustic computational programs to calculate acoustically complicated areas. These make auralisation of the acoustic conditions possible. Using 3D modelling of the building we can “listen” to the acoustics, enabling us to improve and fine-tune. We call it – “Listen before you build”.

Our consultancy includes:

  • Calculating acoustic properties
  • Proof of performance measurements
  • (Long-term) monitoring
  • Vibrations in buildings
  • Design/consultancy on acoustics
  • Project review
  • Writing building programs
  • Traffic noise, façade and window requirements
Akustik og støj - støjkortlægning - MOE rådgivende ingeniører

Noise mapping

We compile noise maps and have equipment for a wide range of noise and vibration measurements. We are certified to carry out environmental measurement – external noise and environmental measurement – traffic noise, but we also perform many other forms of measurements. We have extensive experience of consultation on noise suppression and use applications such as Sound Plan® for 3D calculations and mapping.

Our consultancy includes:

  • Building permits
  • Local and municipal planning
  • Noise action plans
  • EIA reports
  • Planning noise protection embankments
  • Dimensioning of sound insulation
  • Roads and railways
  • Industrial and plant (power plants)
  • Music venues & outdoor concerts