Project Description

Adaptation to Climate Change

The massive cloudburst downpours that have been increasing in recent years are a significant challenge to society that needs to be addressed. But, fortunately, rainwater is also a resource, if its massive potential can be harnessed. MOE is behind a wide range of projects where rainwater has either been used aesthetically or recycled in laundries and toilets.

New Hospital North Zealand

In many cases, climate proofing covers a 10-year incident. But New Hospital North Zealand is expected to function during a crisis as well, which is why it must be climate proofed even more. The mainroad for acces is thus proofed for a 100-year incident, while other areas are proofed for 20-year incidents.

All rain water on the 30 ha site must be dealt with in terrain. One of the solutions to this issue is digging trenches to reutilise the water recreationally. The water is led from the roof to the trenches from where it will flood into newly established creeks and lakes.

Client  Region hovedstaden
Architect  Herzog & de Meuron, Vilhelm Lauritzen
Services  Rain and drainage including  feasibility studies, project proposal, main project, tender documents,  supervision and  authority management, §3 dispensation application, input for  district plan and municipality plan.

Artificial fields of grass with a dual function

Frederiksberg is one of Northern Europe’s most densely built municipalities, and multifunctional solutions are therefore highly appreciated.

Six natural grass fields will be replaced by six artificial grass fields, which will also function as delay basins. This solution makes it possible to retain up to 24,000 m3 of rainwater, which will be stored above and below the fields before being routed to the sewage system.

Client Frederiksberg Municipality
Architect Niels Lützen Landscape architects
Services  Consulting


Cloudburst protection and reutilisation of rain water are among the central objectives in the overall plan for Mjølnerparken. The residents have had a lot of challenges with flooding in recent years’ cloudbursts. The ambition is to introduce green visual elements in the rain water management, creating new life in the area as well.

Rooftop gardens are build in the common rooftop decks. Water from these areas are led through pipes to water basins, from where the water can be utilised in the common laundry and also providing water to the plants in the area. In case of water volumes greater than what the tanks can carry, the water is led to other LAR solutions in the courtyard.

Client  Lejerbo
Architect  Karl Henning Sørensen architects
Services   MOE delivers all engineering including drainage and climate proofing