Project Description


The use of biomass in energy production is an important factor in fulfilling Denmark’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. MOE has participated in the construction of a large number of biomass-fired plants – burning straw, wood chips and pellets.

Sustainable biomass

The use of biomass reduces the need for the import of fossil fuels and increases future security of supply. MOE is a specialist in planning and designing straw- and woodchip-fired boilers. We have been involved in the construction of several greenfield plants from start to finish.

We also advise on machinery and process aspects such as installing flue gas condensation plants to ensure optimal use of resources.

Finally, MOE has over 85 years of experience as consulting engineers for the construction of power stations of all sizes. This includes the recent expansion of the Amager power station building a new block for biomass fuel, which will ensure the conversion of the plant from coal to sustainable energy.

Working methods

MOE engages in the entire process. We prepare applications to be submitted to the authorities, conduct tenders for machinery and construction equipment and advise on successful commissioning and handover of the site.


MOE has provided consultancy on building and conversion of biomass plants for utility companies throughout the country.

MOE offers:

  • Planning and design of energy-producing plants burning wood pellets, chips, straw, etc.
  • Dealing with the authorities in relation to planning, environmental and heating supply legislation
  • Design and tendering for buildings and machinery supplies
  • Construction management, inspection and delivery
  • Transport and storage of biomass
  • Technical assistance for handover of installations
  • Fire, security and ATEX
  • Tendering for contracts and delivery
  • Machine and process skills

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