Project Description


MOE helps to create bridges of all kinds and for all road users. We use the latest digital tools to design unique bridges where aesthetics are paramount. Our 3D planning and parameter-driven design processes also contribute to cost-effective constructions and the ability to easily implement changes along the way.

Beneath the surface of the light rail bridges

In several cases, Greater Copenhagen Light Rail will be linked by bridges, that MOE has designed digitallly down to the smallest detail.

Alfred Nobel’s Bridge

The canal neighbourhood in the South Habour area will have a new floating urban space with the longest bench in town. The combined road-and-pathway will connect the South Harbour area across Frederiksholmløbet.

Client  Copenhagen Municipality
Architect  COBE Architects
Services  Lead Consultancy Services

Lille Langebro

The new bicycle and walkway bridge north of Langebro in Copenhagen, will connect Copenhagen from Vester Voldgade across the water to Langebrogade on the side of Amager.

Client  Realdania
Architect   WilkinsonEyre
Services  Client Consultancy

Metro Bridge

In Copenhagen Airport, all passengers arriving from the Metro will, in the future, be able to take a shortcut directly to terminal 2 and security control.

Client  Copenhagen Airport
Architect   TNT Architects and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Services Client Consultancy and project design