Project Description

Urban Development

MOE provides consultancy in the field of urban development – from overall planning strategy to development and design of urban spaces. We have know-how within urban planning and infrastructure plus considerable competence within climate, environment, sustainability, project management and communication

Urban Development requires an integrated approach

We create coherence and balance between the various elements of urban development. We believe that the environment, budgets, social conditions and culture are interdependent. Urban development can therefore only really be a success through an integrated strategy.

We are a dedicated team of experienced consultants, covering the full range of disciplines needed for urban development projects. MOE has specialists in all supply categories, traffic planning, climate adaptation, constructions, external acoustics and wind.

We analyse and exploit the individual potential of cities as we develop urban solutions that are both functional and attractive to visit, inhabit, work and live in.

Urban development is based on analyses of the area

Urban planning starts with analyses of the area’s potential. We study the area’s planning, rights and physical commitments in the form of easements for pipes and cables, noise pollution and geology, which make up the framework of planning work. Landscape analysis of the existing terrain identifies options for diversion, retention and reuse of rainwater. The area’s overall traffic structure shows opportunities for vehicular access, non-vehicular road users and potential services by train, metro and water. The surrounding area is studied for special features around which future buildings can be oriented, such as a view of water, buildings worthy of preservation and windbreak vegetation. Special features in the form of ancient monuments and cultural history from the area’s previous uses provide inspiration for identity-creating design parameters.

The nature and location of the new buildings will be based on volume studies, with related calculations of traffic volumes, parking needs, rainwater drainage and wind conditions. The location of the buildings will be determined by determining daylight levels, the need for traffic areas and attractions they can be oriented toward.

Work on the pace of urban development is based on traffic management and utility structure, but also on land ownership and optimisation of the project’s cash flow. Elements that can initiate and accelerate development, e.g. a train station, an educational establishment or a recreational area will be identified and incorporated into the development timetable.

We believe that urban development is long-term. Temporary uses of subareas are part of the planning to ensure urban spaces that provide quality for the city’s inhabitants and users.

Lasting relations and cooperation

Our customers include municipalities, turnkey contractors, private and public-sector development companies. We create urban development projects in close cooperation with leading architectural practices within the field. We are committed to creating lasting relationships with our customers and partners through close and constructive collaboration.

The consultancy we provide in this field includes:

  • Landscape analysis
  • Rainwater management, LAR, climate protection and sustainability
  • Traffic planning, parking requirements and road safety
  • Utilities and alternative energy sources
  • Acoustics and wind calculations
  • Geotechnical engineering and geology
  • Volume studies
  • Building and landscape plans
  • Identity-creating design parameters
  • Urban strategies
  • Temporary activities
  • Public involvement and process
  • Construction rate and budgeting

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