Project Description

Cactus Towers

Cactus Towers for young people at Kalvebod Brygge

Kalvebod Brygge is undergoing major changes. MOE is currently taking part in the construction of a 44,000 m2 office building and a CABINN hotel with 1,250 rooms. In the future, the entire strip of new buildings will be connected by a long green trail, which will emerge as an elevated public park that will wind through the buildings from Bernstorffsgade to Kalvebod Pladsvej.

Now the time has come for our third project on this stretch of land. Cactus Towers is the name of the two high-rises that are 60 and 80 meters high and form the framework for 500 housing units for young people. The project will be constructed through a collaboration between MOE, Bjarke Ingels Group and Høpfner Projects. The same team that is responsible for the award-winning Ørestad Trilogy with “Bjerget”, “VM-Husene” and “8tallet”.

Cactus Towers
Client Høpfner Projects Aps
Achitect BIG

Environmental consulting
When constructing on a site in the middle of the city, the environment is an important element. For example, the ground may be contaminated from earlier construction projects and industry. Housing falls under what is called “sensitive land use”, where there are strict regulations for risk analysis of the soil and groundwater.

MOE consults on how to handle the soil and groundwater in this connection. This work starts with preclassification where samples are taken and sent to chemical analysis. When the test results are known, excavation plans are then prepared for how the soil is to be handled. In addition, the authorities, environmental supervision, etc. are involved in connection with the disposal of any contaminated soil.

A special environmental aspect of Cactus Towers is waste management. The city location means that there is little space for waste solutions. The task here is analysing the expected resident behaviour when disposing of their rubbish.

The lack of space is also a challenge when rubbish trucks must enter the area and empty the containers. The environmental consultants have therefore received assistance from the traffic planners at MOE Tetraplan.