Project Description

Client consultancy

We provide consultancy to developers on everything required for a project, enhance the developer’s results and create value in the short and long term

Highly professional client consultancy

We have extensive experience with construction during the project development, design, execution, and operational phases, and the unparalleled network of relationships we have built across the industry mean that a MOE consultant has broad insight and good judgement.

Most modern buildings are subject to clear quality requirements, tight budgets and timetables – often changing several times during the process. We are committed to meeting the requirements involved; we convey things simply and ensure good collaboration between all of the project’s stakeholders.

We are the developer’s representative

We emphasise an ongoing need for identification, so that priorities are clear and decision-making is facilitated. Based on the developer’s needs, we ensure firm project management with particular focus on financial and risk management, budgeting, HSE coordination and operational optimisation.

We focus on good communication and clear processes, especially when we represent the developer in dealings with the authorities, partners, future tenants/buyers and neighbours to the project. We are aware that the developer often has others to take into account, and we pay special attention to support for reporting, management groups etc.

MOE’s flat structure and open-door culture means short chains of communication and rapid reaction time. We work closely with our inspection engineer teams for constructions, electricity, plumbing, etc. and can always get support from our colleagues with specialist know-how within such fields as fire, geotechnical engineering, acoustics, climate protection, infrastructure, urban development etc., if it can benefit the project.

Our customers

The developers we work with come from the private and public sectors at home and abroad.

Some of the aspects we consult on are:

  • Investment strategy
  • Project development and planning
  • Dealing with the authorities
  • Tenant consultancy
  • Procurement processes
  • Design
  • Scrutiny
  • Facilities management and digitisation
  • Project communication
  • Inspections
  • Contract management
  • Risk management
  • Cost management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Evaluation

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