Project Description

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We provide holistic solutions in close consultation with the architect, builder, building management and contractors. In this way we ensure that every function necessary is incorporated into the construction and coordinated appropriately.

Commissioning creates coherence

Commissioning is a proactive dialogue and quality management process that focuses on the overall budget and on the interaction of installations. The result is an energy-optimised and well-functioning building, with satisfied users and a more motivated building management.

Traditional thinking within the construction industry focuses on what is to be built and contracts involved, with each supplier expected to ensure that its element functions properly. However, buildings become more and more specialised and special skills are required to ensure that the overall systems for ventilation, refrigeration, heating and automation meet the requirements for indoor climate, energy consumption, etc.

The commissioning process creates a link between all the technical installations and contracts by involving the building management, users, consultants and contractors, and by leveraging the resources already in the building process. The commissioning process makes construction requirements measurable, enabling verification of provision of the correct services after the building process is completed.

The commissioning process provides input into time planning, we ensure that installations are in place and, above all, tested in the right order to ensure that they are operational on time and correctly.

Commissioning is involved from idea to delivery

MOE Commissioning is a team of qualified and innovative employees and specialists with many years of experience in start-ups and commissioning. We work across the contractor profile, ensure coordination, cooperation and coherence between the technical installations and the contracts.

We participate in the whole process from concept development through the project to final delivery, and onwards to operation and maintenance of the building. This ensures a commissioning process for the developer that keeps the building programme on track, along with optimum operation and functionality of the building and its systems.

The staff responsible for operation and maintenance will be involved and trained in maintenance of the building in question to guarantee fulfilment of the targets set. This ensures optimum use of the building’s functionality and the best possible indoor climate for users moving forwards.

Our customers

We have a widely diverse customer base ranging from private enterprise to public sector. Our customers include:

Capital Region of Denmark, Central Denmark Region, North Denmark Region, Novo Nordisk.

DTU, University of Copenhagen, RUC, ATP.

City of Copenhagen, Kolding Municipality, Frederikssund Municipality, Tårnby Municipality and Gladsaxe Municipality.

Our services include:

  • Defining measurable requirements for buildings
  • Planning and coordination of building activities
  • Interface coordination
  • Inspection of installations
  • Testing of installations
  • Training operating personnel
  • Capacity testing
  • Handover

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