Project Description

Consultancy for Tenants

From requirement analysis and the negotiation phase to commissioning, we ensure that the tenant’s interests are protected in the selection of new tenancies, conversions or renovations.

MOE’s tenant consultants are good partners to have at the negotiating table

They can assist from early requirement analysis and budgeting to occupation and efficient operation. With extensive technical experience and legal insight, we are a good partner to have at the negotiating table. We are experts in efficient user processes that lead to clear constructional engineering specifications. We manage deliverables such as IT equipment, inspect and ensure that the tenant can move into fully-functional premises from day 1.

Our tenant consultants have broad technical experience in buildings and with effective project communication. Our technical know-how paired with our focus on a smooth, clear process for all stakeholders helps to create efficient decision-making and achieve the objectives of the project.

The tenant’s needs are key to the consultancy provided by MOE

Tenant needs and priorities are at the heart of our consultancy. During a typical consultancy, needs and priorities will develop and change. A responsive consultant is required to ensure that decision-making processes are facilitated and that changes are communicated effectively. Based on the tenant’s needs, we manage the project with particular focus on budget and optimising operation of the tenancy.

We focus on good communication and clear processes so that all stakeholders – including end-users – are well-informed and comfortable throughout the entire process from identifying requirements to occupation and operation.</

Our customers

Our customers are often companies that want to renovate/rebuild or move. We are specialists in office buildings, shopping centres or chain stores, in manufacturing companies and consultancy for public customers in administrative buildings.

Some of the areas we consult on:

  • Lease contracts
  • Requirement analyses
  • User involvement
  • Technical description
  • Financial management
  • Building analysis
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Interim measures in transitional phases
  • Coordination of tenant deliverables/moving process
  • Clarification meetings and tenant inspection
  • Handover inspection
  • Commissioning

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