Project Description

Cost Management

There are many factors to pricing of buildings and construction projects, and it can therefore be a challenge to price correctly. Using our tools, methods and professional insight, MOE | Cost Management analyses complex relationships and gives a qualified recommendation for pricing so that budgets remain on track.

Just the right pricing

MOE | Cost Management has the means to identify any issues, analyse how they will influence price and how they can be dealt with. For example, there may be mistakes and delays, or new requests and requirements that will be incorporated into the process at a later stage. We offer Cost Management as a complementary service, deploying the tried and trusted methods we have used on our own projects.

The overall budget is an important element when sustainability is a theme, as is the case in the vast majority of modern buildings. We have extensive experience with budgetary considerations, viewing a building throughout its lifetime to be able to include its subsequent running costs in the overall budget.

Benchmarking from a disparate cost database

In order to offer the best price, we have built up a cost database based on our own extensive project portfolio. The database provides us with very detailed benchmarks, enabling us to apply best-guess based on experience to accurately estimate the right price. We identify possible issues and analyse what influence they can have on project costs, including on the overall budget.</

Focusing on customer objectives

Our customers are in the public and private sectors. We always commit to providing the best possible service to them. We work in consultation with the customer to determine objectives right from the outset. We often use MOE’s other skills and know-how to be able to ensure the necessary solutions can be found to achieve those objectives for the client.

Our core competences are:

  • Financial management
  • Economic analysis
  • Construction accounts
  • Procurement strategy
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Cost database
  • Value management
  • Overall budget and sensitivity analysis
  • Benchmarking design criteria and costs
  • Calculation with 3D quantity extraction (called 5D)
  • Indexing, conjectures and price adjustment
  • Contract negotiations

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