Project Description


Cultural buildings often feature special or unique requirements for their architecture and function. We have been the engineers on a large number of notable cultural buildings, involved in devising a wealth of creative solutions. Not least by virtue of our expertise in acoustics and lighting design for the preservation of cultural treasures and indoor climate control in high-traffic venues.

Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet

The organically shaped National Aquarium of Denmark is inspired by the circulating currents of the whirlpool, the movements of fish shoals, and the galaxies  of the universe

The unique form and the double curved surfaces did not allow for standard solutions. Many creative ideas was carried out in close collaboration with the archticetcs, while an innovative use of digital tools was needed in order to calculate the advanced geometry.

Client Bygningsfonden Den Blå Planet
Architect  3XN
Sevices All engineering disciplines

Panda habitat at Copenhagen ZOO

In nature, male and female pandas live separately and only meet once a year during the very brief period when the female is in heat. The design of the new Panda Habitat at Copenhagen Zoo is therefore inspired by the Chinese yin-yang symbol, which precisely represents two complementary and mutually dependent halves. The concept also takes into account that there must be a male habitat, a female habitat, a common area and a birthing cave, if the zoo is so fortunate that the two
pandas mate.

The round building with the double curved concrete structures is a challenging structural task that requires at least as much technical skill on the installation side.

Client  Copenhagen ZOO
Arkitekt  Bjarke Ingels Group
Landscape architect  Schønherr
Services: Alle engineering disciplines

Game Street Mekka Aalborg

An old industrial building in Aalborg has become a gathering point for dancers, parkour practitioners, basketball
players, climbing enthusiasts and Street Culture.

Client Municipality of Aalborg, Sundheds- og Kulturforvaltningen
Architect  Jaja Architects
Turn key contractor  Pallisgaard
Services All engineering disciplines