Project Description

District Heating

If energy production is to be converted to renewable energy, adaptation of the infrastructure must be included. For example, in the area of district heating, we are helping to make the grids flexible in relation to current and future energy sources. Because when we optimise an energy infrastructure, the solutions we choose must also be attractive in 30 years’ time. Such work requires skills within new supply lines and the maintenance of existing ones. MOE has a lot of experience with both, and has long contributed to the provision of heat and lighting in homes.

Supply Planning for Skejby

Preparation of a supply plan of the Skejby area in Aarhus. With basis in a thermic model, different models were drafted to show how the supply network can be designed if the pressure must be reduced from a TN16 system to a TN6.

Client  AffaldVarme Aarhus
Services Consultancy on district heating and a termis model from more than 3,000 consumers.

Strategic and economic planning of district heating

We provide clients with a solid basis for decision making.

District Heat Tunnel underneath Dybbølsbro

It was, in connection with the expansion of Kalvebod Brygge, necessary to close down the 100 year old iconic coalbridge. The new solution was a tunnel that runs under the railroad line at Dybbølsbro Station from Kalvebod Brygge to Ingerslevgade. The concrete tunnel is 145 m long and has a diameter of 3 m. The project also included 2 chambers of 8 m in depth.

Client   HOFOR
Services Lead consulatancy services in connection with the civil engineering work, engineering design of tunnel and chambers, railroad safety and consultancy regarding negotiations and approvals.

Transmission Wire underneath Korsør Harbour

Because SK Forsyning are building district heating in Halsskov, a district heating plant must be established in Energy Park Korsør to create a connetion between the district heating network in Korsør and the new network in Halskov. Therefore, a 200 metre transmission wire has been build underneath Korsør Habour.

Client  SK Forsyning
Services MOE was in charge of most of the tender process after investigating different options for the wire routing. In this case the choice was underneath the harbour. In addition to this, we have produced descriptions of delivery, drawings of the routing, completed supervision and managed safety coordination.