Project Description

Drainage & Sewage

A vital part of our infrastructure is drainage systems, which are undergoing the changes necessary at this time as a result of urbanisation and climate change. MOE helps ensure that both new and existing drainage systems function optimally. Our skills in this field range from wastewater planning to separate sewerage and modelling in MIKE URBAN and MIKE FLOOD.


 We control water

A well-functioning drainage system is invisible yet the massive cloudbursts seen in recent years have clearly demonstrated the importance of adapting them to increased rainfall levels. Increased capacity may well be needed, which can be achieved by building rainwater retention ponds to retain water in the event of exceptionally heavy rain.

MOE covers all aspects of drainage technology and adaptation to climate change. We have effective methods to identify problems and develop innovative solutions. We also assist in the preparation of waste water plans and the planning of joint municipal and regional rain and wastewater systems.

From digital tools to television inspections

We provide the preparation of tender documents and construction management for new drainage systems. By modelling drainage systems in the MIKE URBAN and MIKE FLOOD programs, we can analyse and test the effects of various scenarios. We can also combine this approach with terrain analysis in Civil 3D, which can contribute data on gradients and soil balance. Civil 3D is also used to draw in 3D piping and clash detection.

For renovation of existing rainwater and sewage systems when renovation plans are based on television inspections, operating experience and possibly capacity calculations.


Our customers include private and government agencies.


  • Dimensioning of rain- and wastewater treatment plants
  • New and existing plants
  • Collection of data in DanDasGraf
  • Television inspections
  • Renovation plans
  • Retention ponds (open and closed)
  • Overflow structures
  • Oil and grease separators
  • Pumping stations
  • Filtration plants
  • Installation of flow meters
  • Model calculations in MIKE URBAN and MIKE FLOOD
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Alternative handling of rainwater
  • LAR
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Separate sewerage
  • Wastewater planning
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sewerage in open country

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