Project Description

Electrical Installations

MOE consults on all types of electrical installations, lighting systems and special solutions for the energy and industrial sectors. Sustainability is an important focal point and we have expertise in energy optimisation and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems.

Electrical Installations

Our employees have wide experience in building installations and we have a number of specialists with special expertise in specific areas of competence, such as fire prevention and lighting design. This enables us to assign the right people all the way through any project. We can also call in highly specialised competences from the rest of the company if required.

Specialising in 3D design

Installation-intensive projects are usually designed in 3D, so that conflicts between building parts are resolved during the design phase rather than on the site. This ensures that the project is well-coordinated and buildable from start to finish.

We conduct the entire process in consultation with the customer, from the early stage of selection of allocation, through construction design, budgets, tenders, negotiations with the authorities, project follow-up, inspections, handover, etc.

Our customers

We work for customers in all sectors on projects ranging from prestigious head offices, office buildings and airports to several projects in the energy and industrial fields.


  • Electrical installations for buildings
  • Supply/switchboards
  • Lighting design and optical indoor climate.
  • Street lighting systems
  • Building automation – IBI
  • IT installations
  • Low and medium-voltage systems
  • Security systems: ABA, ADK, ARS, AIA, ITV
  • SRO-CTS systems
  • ATEX
  • Machinery
  • Cleanrooms/laboratories
  • Fire protection systems
  • Energy neutrality
  • photovoltaic systems
  • Airport and seaport installations
  • Energy optimisation on existing installations
  • Installations for power generation plants
  • Emergency and backup supply for critical installations

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