Project Description

Environment & Nature

In Denmark, we protect our environment and manage our resources with an eye to the future. This policy is supported by MOE when we advise public authorities and private developers in the fields of environment, nature and climate.

We offer holistic environmental consultancy

MOE is staffed by a number of highly-skilled specialists in geology, biology, chemistry and environmental engineering. That’s why we are always at the forefront of development and can provide expert consultancy that will last many years into the future. MOE provides environmental consultancy designed to ensure sustainable solutions within key skills areas.

Our environment department undertakes a range of exciting tasks and projects within:

  • Soil pollution
  • Industrial environments
  • Building screening
  • Nature

We know our A-B-C

A: Project start-up
We manage the project start-up and help you through all environmental legislation in all phases of the project, from planning to completion, and we know who to contact at the authorities.

Our consultancy focuses on:

  • Clarification of your plans for the property/project
  • The status of the property/project in relation to pollution, environmental, planning and natural conditions
  • The requirements laid down by the authorities for the project and developing an environmental strategy
  • Proposals for preventive measures
  • Schedule and price quotations prepared

B: Implementation of the project
We help to create a plan for all dealings with the authorities, to prepare applications and to ensure that permits are obtained – on time – dialogue with the authorities during this process is very important. The result is savings in terms of time and money. We always make a thorough assessment of everything needed

We have the necessary knowledge and experience, backed by a wide range of skills within all environmental matters. Once permits are obtained, we are ready to help with the fulfilment of terms, inspections (if relevant), environmental monitoring and subsequent reporting.

C: Project conclusion
We round the project off to ensure that conclusions are clear to both the customer and authorities.

We assist with negotiation with the authorities in relation to the next step.

Environmental inspection and any subsequent contact with the authorities are handled to ensure compliance with the law.

Our customers within the fields of environment & nature

Our customers range widely, from public authorities to private developers and contractors.

What we specialise in:

  • Soil and groundwater pollution
  • Indoor climate
  • Project development on polluted ground
  • EDD (Environmental Due Diligence)
  • Environmental assessments for purchases and sales
  • Climate impact and adaptation to climate change
  • High-risk substances in buildings
  • Risk assessment
  • Industrial environments
  • EIA reports
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable design

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Protecting the nature and attracting new species are important elements in the new plans Vejlands Kvarter at Amager Common.

Amager Common

The political decision about building development on Amager Common received great public attention, so a solid decision-making basis was crucial. MOE has provided soil and groundwater analyses as well as a comprehensive nature survey of the area.