Project Description

Facilities Management

Facilities – people – processes – technology.

We create consistency and ensure the successful transition from construction to operation.

Overall economic overview

We support the customer’s core business through effective collaboration and streamlining the building management’s O&M strategies and processes. We ensure that new technologies, FM tools, BIM for FM and Big Data generate useful data. Our approach ensures a complete budgetary overview and allows for smarter, faster decisions by the developer and building operator.

Close cooperation ensures the right solutions

MOE | Facilities Management works closely with developers, building management, commissioning engineers, architects/engineers and contractors to create the greatest possible overall financial value for the developer. We specialise in involving relevant stakeholders from the project and building management to create factual decision-making data, e.g. for the use of FM systems.

Our customers

Our customers include private and government agencies.

Facilities Management

  • Analysis of the building owner’s need for the use of building data.
  • Project scrutiny of “the operationally-friendly construction project”.
  • Elaboration of a relevant standard ICT specification for operating properties.
  • Preparation and trimming of FM systems for digital delivery of O&M documentation from the contractors.
  • From paper to BIM model, digitisation of buildings.
  • Preparation of CAD drawings and BIM models for operation.
  • Screening, analysis, prequalification, supply, purchase and implementation of FM systems.
  • Development of digital FM business concepts by combining organisational analysis, operational processes and IT knowledge.
  • Development of property and maintenance strategies.
  • Analysis/service check of property management to identify potential efficiency improvements by centralising property management.
  • Optimising and simulating various maintenance strategies to reduce the overall acute and planned maintenance budget.
  • Development of benchmarking ratios.
  • Scrutiny of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • Develop “digital maps” of building-related systems and process contexts.
  • Preparation of FM use-cases and business-cases.
  • Mapping of the working routines and processes of the building management.
  • All operational and maintenance-related topics for the customer.

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Effective, energy-efficient operation

MOE is the operational advisor for Sinatur Hotel & Conference

We have mapped out the construction and technical conditions, digitalised and harmonised the hotels’ floor plans and implemented a common facilites management system (FM system). The aim has been to support the chain’s focus on sustainable development and provide effective, energy-efficient operation.

An immersive process
Choosing an FM system is a huge decision, which can have many secondary consequences. MOE facilitated a workshop for all internal stakeholders at the beginning of the process to ensure a firm basis for decision-making with full support all around. Here, all wishes, requirements and needs were covered. We focussed in particular on which data a digital facilities management system should include today and how we would ensure continuous access to all updated data.

Concrete plans and accurate budgets
The result has been the creation of a database, containing the current and factual operational and maintenance plans, which communicates operational tasks in a simple and visual manner. At the same time, it gave the opportunity to create substantiated and accurate operational budgets, which can be communicated to the owner of the hotel chain.

Operational advice at MOE
We support the client’s core business by trimming the operational organisations’ FM strategies and processes. We ensure that new technologies, FM tools, BIM for FM and Big Data lead to more useful informa-tion and smarter and faster decisions.