Project Description

Geotechnical Engineering

We have broad know-how within consultancy and execution of geotechnical surveys. We provide advice from the start of a project and right through to completion


We provide consultancy on foundation engineering, including soil studies, geotechnical calculations, sizing of foundation walls and foundations, drain layer composition, temporary water table-lowering and vibration measurements. We also undertake drilling contracts and geotechnical excavation checks, laboratory and field tests and inspections. Consultancy is provided according to Eurocode 7DS/1997-1, Geotechnical Design.

From the start of a project to completion, we work in three phases.

  1. The initial phase defines the correct decision-making process and we propose a plan for the work
  2. The execution phase in which we carry out thorough examinations and assessments with a view to the project as a whole
  3. Implementation of the project in which we make calculations and ongoing supervision

Our customer base includes public authorities, insurance companies, consultants, contractors and private customers. If the size or nature of a job so requires, we will use competent subcontractors to support us. For example, we work with other drilling contractors for jobs where our own drilling rigs do not have sufficient capacity.

We have our own drilling rigs, including 2 mobile 4×4 rigs with particle filters which meet the requirements for EURO5 motors and are therefore prepared for work in “environmental zones”, plus 1 mini drilling rig on caterpillar tracks. We also have GPS equipment for surveying and marking out drilling sites and surveying stripping levels. Field equipment for inspections, including vane shear test equipment for determining the place shearing resistance of clay sediments, hand drilling equipment for sampling and geology assessment, isotope measurements for compression tests, mini fall-off tests and static plate load equipment for measuring load-bearing capacity.

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