Project Description


MOE offers consultancy and design for all types of plumbing installations and ventilation solutions. We are among the country’s leading consultants in laboratory and cleanroom technology as well as indoor climate and sustainability. We also have expertise in energy production and in the industrial sector.

A comprehensive consultant

We have many years of experience and a very large project portfolio in the HVAC field ranging from small buildings to large projects involving a large number of installations.

We can therefore conduct the whole process in consultation with the customer. From the early stages to handover and commissioning.

We constantly focus on a project’s buildability in terms of design and cost. When we are involved as an active sparring partner right from the initial design stage, we can suggest alternative solutions based on our technical insight.

An innovative consultant

3D planning in Revit Magicad is a fixed part of our range of tools, especially for projects involving a large number of installations with multiple interfaces.

Planning also includes interdisciplinary analyses using advanced simulation tools such as BSim and CFD simulation.


We supply to many different customers, as our references within HVAC range from large hospitals and science-based companies to power plants, cultural buildings and housing. We therefore also undertake work in niche areas such as pharmaceuticals and airports.

Our our consultancy includes

  • BSL and animal housing
  • Classified laboratories
  • Ring ventilation
  • Hospital engineering
  • Medical and engineering gases
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Alternative energy
  • Energi retrofitting
  • Thermal indoor climate
  • Water treatment and bathing
  • Hot water and drinking water
  • On-demand ventilation
  • Process ventilation
  • ATEX
  • Cleanroom & GMP
  • Humidifying/dehumidifying
  • Steam
  • Process drainage
  • Dust
  • Flue gas
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Heavy fuel and aviation fuel
  • Oil/gas
  • Tank installations
  • Groundwater cooling and ATES plant
  • Space management
  • Energy savings and process optimisation
  • Layout and design of ducts and piping

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MOE has contributed expertise in the field of cooling for a wide range of projects. This applies to everything from food production and server rooms to the storage of medicinal products and reactor chambers in energy production.

We provide consultancy on such topics as

  • Industrial cooling for production and process
  • Commercial cooling, including cold rooms and freezer rooms
  • Comfort and climate control
  • District cooling
  • Free cooling and groundwater cooling
  • Consumables, refrigerants, automation and controls.
  • Optimisation of cooling plant