Project Description


As a frontrunner in laboratory and cleanroom technology, we help to create the optimum framework for research. We also specialise in flexible and future-proof solutions, as scientific organisations are often dynamic. Research departments can grow quickly, and buildings requiring a lot of installation work are often just as expensive to refurbish as to rebuild. Some of the areas we work with include flexible zones that can act as office space, but that have the installations allowing them to be used as labs.

DTU Building 310

MOE has a history of being co-creator in building the Technical University of Denmark. One of the most recent ventures is Building 310. At around 9,300 m2, it will be a large research centre and a laboratory unit for DTU Energy and 3D Imaging Center.

DTU Building 228a

DTU Chemical Engineering will be given a new framework that emphasizes the innovative interaction between the business and scientific communities.

Client Technical University of Denmark
Turnkey contractor Hoffmann A/S
Architects Mikkelsen Arkitekter, LINK arkitektur


At 66.000 m²  Livsvitenskapsbygget will be the largest university construction in Norway. The research facility is meant for  life science, chemistry and pharmacology .

Client  Statsbygg
Architect  Ratio arktiekter, Cubo og ALT Arkitekter, Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, Bjørbekk & Lindheim AS
Services  Structures, HVAC, electrical, laboratory and clean room technology

DTU Biosustain

The new laboratory building will be part of the university’s new research centre, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability. The building will have a total floor area of approximately 12,200 m2 and will include modern research and office facilities.

The building is flexible and capable of accommodating the changing demands put on the interior that ever
developing research practices call for.

Client  DTU
Architect  Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Services  All engineering disciplines, construction management and health and safety coordination