Project Description

Labs & Cleanrooms

We create solutions for world-class research, the hospitals of the future and knowledge-intensive businesses. We have the expertise and experience, whether it be university laboratories, sterile operating theatres or cleanrooms for medical production.

Future-proof solutions for innovative environments

MOE offers qualified consultancy and sparring for all types of laboratories and cleanroom facilities. We are the developer’s guarantor for holistic solutions that incorporate all relevant functions. Sustainability is often a key element, and where optimisation of energy consumption is key to system design.

Hospitals, academic institutions and innovative companies therefore benefit from being at the forefront of future changes, as new demands on the physical environment are continually made. These are factors MOE takes into account by designing flexible solutions adapted to the technology of the future and the changing usage patterns of dynamic organisations. We help to ensure that future conversions can be easily carried out without interfering with work or the adjoining rooms and floors. In the case of buildings with a lot of installations, it may be just as costly to refurbish as to build from scratch, giving good reason to think in terms of flexible solutions right from the start.

BIM and due diligence in the early stages

We participate throughout the process, from concept development, through the design phases and up to commissioning of the finished construction. We have extensive experience with the ever-increasing GMP/GLP requirements applied by the authorities and customers to developers. When defining installation concepts, special attention is given to minimising energy consumption, especially for processes and equipment, which are the largest energy consumers in these facilities.

In order to arrive at a construction optimised in terms of subsequent operation and to minimise running costs, it is particularly important to involve the developer’s building management in the early stages of planning the building.

We have many years of experience with 3D planning for buildings with a high number of installations and are currently working on several 5D projects where timescales and budgets are integrated into the models. We often use virtual reality for user involvement in the early stages, making it far easier to clarify important questions about functionality and layout.

From universities to the pharmaceutical industry

Our public-sector customers include the Danish regions by virtue of the many hospital building projects we have been and are involved in. We have also been involved in building a wealth of laboratory buildings for research institutions. For example, we are consultant engineers for many of the latest research buildings at the Technical University of Denmark.

On the private market, we work a lot for the pharmaceutical industry and other knowledge-intensive companies, such as Haldor Topsøe

Special expertise in the laboratory and cleanroom field:

  • Special laboratories for isotopes, biological agents, genetically-modified organisms, hydrochloric and perchloric acids
  • Animal housing facilities
  • Cleanroom technology
  • Biological containment facilities
  • Energy optimisation
  • Flexible installation solutions
  • Ventilation for laboratories
  • Special installations for laboratories: Pure gases, compressed air, vacuum, treated water and steam
  • ATEX conditions in the case of flammable liquids and gases
  • Ring ventilation
  • Fume cabinets and room automation
  • Collection and treatment of contaminated wastewater
  • Drainage systems for specialised laboratories
  • Large-scale equipment for laboratories such as autoclaves, dishwashers, LAF benches and UDF modules

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Cleanroom technology

Clean room technology is not just a highly advanced branch of the installation disciplines. In-depth knowledge of various standards and best manufacturing practices worldwide is also required.

MOE has strong expertise in the design of cleanrooms for medical production. In addition, we help our customers with qualification and validation for such rooms. This applies, for example, to activities such as risk assessments, requirement specifications and validation plans. MOE has acquired a lot of expertise within the monitoring systems that measure and generate logs from readings such as temperature, air circulation rate and relative humidity. Consultation in this instance includes procurement by tender and implementation.

Testing and trials for technical installations is sought-after expertise, as operational reliability is an extremely important factor for pharmaceutical companies. We advise on commissioning, for which we can define the right test criteria thanks to our expertise within the field of cleanrooms.