Project Description

Machinery & Process

We handle all types of mechanical plant, boilers, processes, pipes and tanks. We take part in shaping the very first ideas, handle procurement and ensure that the plant will run on time and within budget.

We support green conversion and clean technology

We have solid know-how and experience with machinery & process engineering for plants at power stations, utilities and industrial companies.

We help with green conversion, including biomass and gas systems for boilers, plus flue gas purification and condensation.

We can help implement clean technology and Industry 4.0 technology in manufacturing companies, and manage supply, contracts and follow-up for machinery and installation work.

We can carry out detailed design of pipe and tank installations for oil, gas, water, steam etc. and produce 3D drawings for any project.

We take pride in ensuring anything we do is taken all the way to completion, and ensure that risk assessment, CE marking and documentation are adequate and targeted to the client’s specific needs

We work according to the client’s needs

We can take responsibility for an entire machinery project and provide project management and competent staffing for all disciplines.

We always maintain close contact with the client, ensuring the solution is adapted according to requirements.

We can integrate skilled personnel directly into the client’s organisation and contribute flexibility and experience for any length of time.

We have a number of specialists who constantly keep up to date in their field of expertise and can effectively contribute with targeted knowledge of the latest technologies, the best suppliers and the latest legislation.

Our customers

We provide developer consultancy for power plants, utilities and industrial companies.

We also provide design and engineering as contractors for turnkey contracts.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Analysis of technical requirements
  • Dealing with the authorities
  • Tendering, purchasing and contracting
  • Inspection and commissioning
  • Machinery (pumps, motors, blowers, etc.)
  • Process plant (boilers, flue gas purification, production lines, etc.)
  • Pipe and tank installations
  • Biomass and waste transport, storage and handling
  • 3D layout drawings
  • Risk assessment and CE marking
  • Robot integrator work

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Heat pump at Brande

The new heat pump plan in Brande enables the use of renewable energy sources like geothermal heat, fresh air, groundwater and waste water. MOE was responsible for the detailed design of the plant.