Project Description


Sterile environments for drug production are one of our specialties. We have considerable expertise in the laboratory and cleanroom fields, and in-depth knowledge of best manufacturing practices worldwide.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

As experts in the field of clean rooms, we have consulted Novo Nordisk in Hjørring, who is responsible for global supply and quality control of Novo Nordisk needles. The factory in Hjørring handles clean room production of cast plactic components and assembles finished needles, which are sterilised in autoclaves followed by packing and shipping.

Client  Novo Nordisk
Services Cleanroom technique, qualification, commissioning and various testing.

Hospital Pharmacy Aalborg

The project included rebuilding the personnel sluices where the personnel put on clean room suits before entering production rooms. The requirements for sterility are extemely high, since the preparation and production of sterile pharmaceuticals are class B, C and D in accordance with EU’s rules for GMP (Good Manufacutring Practice). Furthermore the project included preliminary examination of air change in the cytostika zone where chemotherapy is produced.

Client  Region Nordjylland
Services Clean room technique and all engineering in the reconstruction. MOE even supplied all services within the qualification of cGMP (current Good Manufactoring Practice), the compliance with EU requirements and ISO requirements for production of sterile pharmaceuticals.
Glostrup Apotek

Glostrup Pharmacy

Clean rooms in class C has been established for pharmaceutical production. Furthermore the project encompasses new areas for the production of hormones and tablets and a FMS-system for surveillance of temperature and particles.

All ventilation systems has been replaced, while additional installations are modernised in order to accomodate the current requirements and the new layout.

The production area is being qualified.

Client  Glostrup Pharmacy
Services Engineering consultancy and clean room technique.

High end expertise for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical products are Denmark’s largest export product, and MOE helps create the clinical cleanrooms where production takes place.