Project Description

Railways & LRT

Public transport worldwide depends on the functioning of railways, LRT and metro systems. When new railway lines are to be built or existing lines upgraded, we advise at all stages of the project.

When traffic is moved onto the rails

Railways, LRT and metro systems affect many people who are dependent on public transport. This can give a lot of problems if a system fails to work as intended or fails to meet the needs of the public. MOE | Bane provides consultancy and design services for the conversion and construction of stations and track. In addition, we can carry out regulatory coordination and preparation of tender documents, from idea to tender.

We design and consult on construction work related to electrical and traffic information systems. We ensure that technology and accessibility in stations are up-to-date and functional. In addition, we focus on accessibility on platforms, including access for the disabled. For example, we have expertise within bridges and tunnels that ensure access to stations.

We work across all disciplines, based on a broad field of competence within MOE. We can therefore advise on everything from advance geotechnical surveys, the technical design of stations, project follow-up, construction management, inspections and railway safety according to CSM-RA.

Multidisciplinary approach

MOE | Railway works across all disciplines involved for construction, environmental management, working environment, buildings, acoustics and noise on railway projects so that we can ensure overall solutions.

As developer consultants, we help our customers find the right solutions. In such instances, we work closely with the customer as an external resource. For example, as a construction manager or project leader on the customer’s premises.

In our role as design engineers, we always work according to current norms, rules and standards for the track, e.g. the international TSI-PRM. We always design in 3D if the project allows.

Customers and partners

Our customers are typically public-sector in the form of municipalities, government agencies and infrastructure operators such as Banedanmark. But we also work for private contractors, other domestic consultants, and foreign consultants seeking to gain a foothold on the Danish market.

Some of the aspects we consult on are:

  • Land acquisitions
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Soil management and logistics
  • Execution strategy
  • Project management
  • Drainage
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Information systems
  • Traffic planning
  • Technical design
  • Contact with the authorities
  • Power supply
  • Security
  • Expert inspection

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