Project Description


Renovation of buildings requires multifaceted competences. We can offer specialist departments that provide interdisciplinary consultancy on renovation, building inspection, operation and maintenance for all types of buildings, respecting the architecture, materials and potential.

We offer cross-disciplinary consultancy

Renovation, conversions and extensions, maintenance, operation and building inspection projects need interdisciplinary competencies to ensure balance throughout the building. The interaction between our in-depth knowledge of building engineering, installations, building materials and practical work means that we work holistically and focus on finding the right solutions. Based on our competences and in-depth knowledge of existing buildings, we are responsible for the development of Technical Due Diligence (TDD) in connection with the acquisition and sale of numerous properties of all sizes across the country, with the emphasis on transparency and uniformity.

Our specialists work holistically

We have departments with experts specialising in renovation and building inspections. We work holistically based on defined environmental and energy themes when we inspect and renovate buildings. In particular, we focus on energy-related aspects for electricity, water, heating and ventilation.

Our in-depth knowledge of practical building engineering and the typical materials used such as brick, concrete, wood and steel are the starting point of our work on conversion, renovation and maintenance. Specifically, we work on the basis of optimising the individual building and installation components. Our focus is always on putting together architectural and engineering solutions. We also have extensive experience in practical aspects such as detecting and repairing buildings with mould, rot and fungal damage, as well as handling the removal of materials such as asbestos, PCBs, lead, etc.

We fulfil the wishes and requirements of our customers

Our customers range from public sector (municipalities, regional and government institutions) to developers, development funds and private customers/developers.
We take great pride in fulfilling the wishes of our customers and their requirements, maintaining the full framework of the project until it is complete and handed to the customer.


  • Building inspection and health assessments
  • Energy renovation and optimisation
  • Restoration and/or renovation
  • Concrete renovation
  • Dealing with mould, rot and fungus
  • Asbestos removal, PCB, lead, etc.
  • Energy labelling (EMO)
  • Constructions
  • Installations
  • Wood- and brickwork
  • Inspection and valuation
  • 1 and 5-year inspections

Conversions and extensions:

  • Functional needs
  • Assessment of condition and preliminary surveys
  • Project criteria
  • Programming and design basis
  • User involvement
  • Dealing with the authorities
  • Risk assessment and CE marking
  • Design and project implementation

Maintenance and operation:

  • Visual inspection and building inspections
  • Assessment of condition and investment plans
  • Maintenance plans
  • Indoor climate measurements and assessments
  • Implementation of operations and maintenance plans

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Buildings that are protected and worthy of preservation

We offer consultancy, building inspection, design and energy optimisation in all contexts for buildings that are protected and worthy of preservation. We ensure that the demands of the authorities and the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces are respected and properly incorporated into projects and during their execution.

We provide consultancy within:

  • Specialist building inspection
  • Buildings that are protected and worthy of preservation
  • Dealing with the authorities and/or the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces
  • Damage to and repairing buildings
  • Rot and mould
  • Asbestos, PCB, lead etc.

Facade renovation

The facade is not only the first thing one sees of a building, but also has a considerable influence on energy consumption and indoor climate. All parts that are important to any building. MOE consults on selection of materials, façade construction, sunlight penetration and indoor climate. We take part at all phases of construction, from concept development to design and execution. We provide expert consultancy to ensure the right façade for the building, and one that supports a healthy building.

We provide consultancy within:

  • Constructive reconstruction
  • Energy optimisation and building physics
  • Coordination with the main structure
  • Testing and post-testing
  • Operation and maintenance