Project Description

Security Consultancy

Public and private companies need to involve an increasing number of elements in their risk response. MOE’s safety and security consultants work systematically and pragmatically to provide clients with a solution specifically adapted to specific needs.

We ensure safety and security through competent security consultancy

Analysing the many risks and planning a safety and security strategy are required for existing buildings, plants and when designing new buildings, incorporating the company’s safety and security culture. The goal is to provide security for the developer, employees and users, and with the right approach early in the process, risk and cost can be minimised.

MOE provides consultancy on safety and security at the strategic and operational levels.

Impartial advice protects client interests

As far as we are concerned, such consultancy is primarily about identifying risk and implementing the necessary measures to eliminate or minimise it. For risks that cannot be accepted or eliminated, the impact has to be minimised, usually via active and passive security measures and operational solutions.

As an impartial consultant, we protect the client’s full interests, as we do not have any special interest in specific products, certifications, or brands. Consequently, only those solutions necessary for implementing the agreed level of safety and security are designed.

Regardless of the type of job, we always work in close consultation with the client and relevant stakeholders such as the police, the emergency services and insurance companies. In order for all valuable inputs to become part of the strategic approach, we see workshops as a good way to take everything into account.

Focus on customer security and safety

We consult anyone who needs to map their safety and security culture. We work with customers of all sizes, from shopping centres to private residential buildings, public and private sector. We always seek to safeguard the interests of our clients and to create safe, secure environments

Target clients include:

  • Housing associations
  • Danish Defence
  • Sporting and cultural events
  • Hospitals
  • Financial companies
  • Logistics terminals
  • Airports
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Metros
  • Educational institutions
  • Knowledge-based companies

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