Project Description


Climate change and ever-increasing urbanisation demand the expansion and modernisation of drainage systems. MOE covers all aspects of wastewater management from strategic to practical level, and we create solutions that can handle the massive downpours.


Sacrificial pipe

To neutralise the hydrogen sulphide in the sewage system, MOE has been part of the development of the “sacrificial pipe”.

Rainwater pool at Brøndbyvej

A new rainwater retention pool with a volume of 30,000 m³ has replaced 2 existing pools and is dimensioned to handle future heavier rain.

A new 1600 mm diameter concrete pipe was also laid.

Client  Spildevandscenter Avedøre I/S
Services   All engineering, geotechnical and environmental surveys. MOUSE calculations were performed for dimensioning and adaptation to future climate change.

Separate sewerage in Strøby Egede

Instalment of separate rainwater sewers for 22 ha. of urban development with 570 properties. In addition to new sewer and rainwater pipes, pumping stations were installed and rebuilt to accommodate the ground conditions.

Each property was provided with a new branch pipe. A discharge pipe, oil separators and two new rainwater retention ponds were built and connected to the new rainwater pipes.

Client Stevns Spildevand A/S og Stevns Municipality
Ydelser  Hydraulic modelling in MIKE, geotechnical engineering, environment, design, procurement by tender, construction management and supervision.

Sewage pipeline under the Holbæk motorway

Due to the building of the new rail line between Copenhagen and Ringsted, the existing 1600 mm diameter sewer pipe under the Holbæk motorway was lowered.

The tunnelling of a new 1900 mm diameter gravitation pipe over a distance of approx. 150 m was therefore carried out. In addition, new connecting chambers and other facilities were installed on the existing pipe.
The work was carried out while the existing sewer pipe was in use and without disrupting traffic on the motorway.

Client  Spildevandscenter Avedøre I/S
Services All engineering disciplines