Project Description

Site Development

New developments are emerging on the periphery of cities or replacing end-of-life business areas. MOE provides the basis for such development with projects involving installation of utilities and building roads.

We consult at all stages of construction projects

MOE provides consultancy on-site development for all phases of construction work, from preparation including geotechnical and environmental engineering studies, regulatory approvals and planning data, to the preparation of the main project, construction management and inspection. We involve stakeholders and obtain permits for permanent constructions and temporary measures, such as road diversions and lowering of water tables.

We are a dedicated team of experienced consultants, covering the full range of the disciplines needed for site development projects. MOE has specialists in all utility categories and engineers specialising in occupancy sizing, geotechnical engineering, geometric design, quantity surveying and preparation of tender documents.
Site development work is wide-ranging, from greenfield housing developments and business parks to the conversion of existing urban areas for new uses. No two of our projects are ever the same. Sometimes, soil balance is paramount, in others the elevation in relation to existing buildings and their simultaneous use is absolutely essential. Common to our projects is that they are buildable and that risks are predicted and countered.

3D design services

MOE is a leader in 3D design. 3D design provides a unique opportunity for extraction of quantities and for checking possible interference between individual components, e.g. between different pipes or cables in the ground.

Site development is often performed in stages, in line with the sale of plots. That’s why we consult on phasing, building schedule and temporary installations, always with optimal cash flow in mind.

We strive to ensure that the personnel performing design also inspect the physical execution of the work. That enables them to make informed decisions about the project on the site and able to bring back useful knowledge gleaned from execution for the next project.

We believe strongly in collaboration

Our customers include municipalities, turnkey contractors, private and public-sector development companies. We are committed to creating lasting relationships with our customers and partners through close and constructive collaboration.

The consultancy we provide in this field includes:

  • Design of traffic facilities such as roads, car parks, public spaces, bridges, open spaces, activity areas, etc.
  • Design of utility facilities such as drainage, water supply, gas, district heating, district cooling, electricity and lighting
  • Involvement of stakeholders and obtaining permits
  • The tendering process
  • Construction management, inspection services and HSE coordination

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