Project Description


Sports facilities are an area that requires speciality know-how. Over the last 20 years, we have made swimming pool engineering into one of our core competencies. Our extensive knowledge of this field is necessary, as water quality requirements are high, while swimming pools and spas are also exposed to high biological contamination risks.

We are also behind multifunctional solutions such as the six artificial grass courts in Frederiksberg, which act as a buffer pool for 24,000 sqm of rainwater.

Sports hall for Falkonergården High School

The new multifunctional hall and the associated foyer opened in 2015 and can be used by up to 1,000 people. The building has attracted interest among architects and building journals and received several prizes for its architectural and functional qualities, and for its relation to the existing high valued school building in brick from the 1950s

Client  Falkonergårdens Gymnasium og HF
Architect    Falko Arkitekter ApS
Services  All enginering disciplines. The unique structural concept is designed in collaboration with professor Ole Vanggaard
Ulstein Arena

Ulstein Arena

A new forum for culture and sports in the Norwegian city Ulsteinvik. The building contains a swimming pool, a multi-purpose hall and a library.

Client  Ulstein Kommune
Architect  Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter og Arkitektkontoret Nils Tveit
Services  HVAC and consultancy regarding swimming pool technology

Multifunctional playing fields

Frederiksberg is one of Northern Europe’s most densely built municipalities, and multifunctional solutions are therefore highly appreciated. At Frederiksberg we are heliping the municipality to combine playing fields with climat change adaptation.

Six natural grass fields will be replaced by six artificial grass fields, which will also function as delay basins. This solution makes it possible to retain up to 24,000 m3 of rainwater, which will be stored above and below the fields before being routed to the sewage system.

Bygherre  Frederikberg Municipality A/S
Architect   Niels Lützen Landskabsarkitekter Aps
Services Rainwater management consultancy