Project Description


MOE has considerable expertise in all kinds of structures. We have been involved in the construction of everything from spectacular buildings such as the Blue Planet and Amager Bakke to homes, hospitals and corporate office buildings

We make it real

We lay the theoretical cornerstones of buildable projects and put the developer’s ideas into practice. And we always keep a careful eye on schedule and budget in everything we do. We create consistency between form and function, architecture and engineering by working across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

We have skilled and experienced construction staff in all our offices and a number of qualified statisticians.

An innovative sparring partner

Our considerable insight into constructional physics and building materials is the foundation of any design project at MOE. We also continually maintain focus on the ‘buildability’ of a project in terms of what is to be built and what it costs.

When we are involved as an active sparring partner right from the initial design stage, we can suggest alternative solutions based on our technical insight. This is where our expert knowledge of function and understanding of architecture are essential parameters.

VDC and BIM have come to play significantly larger and important roles in the world of construction. MOE takes an active part in development, as we can clearly see the benefits of using digital tools. We are never satisfied with following the leader. We are very much a participant in the setting of new standards, which can be illustrated by the fact that in 2015 we won a Tekla Global BIM Award for Amager Bakke.


Our customers include private and government agencies.

Our services include

  • Brickwork
  • Steel structures
  • Static calculations
  • Building project management
  • Glass, plastic and composite materials
  • Foundations
  • Site-cast concrete
  • All kinds of timber structures, specialising in solid timber structures
  • Humidity calculations
  • Humidity management in the building process

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Amager Bakke

Steel structures

Steel is a very malleable material that makes it possible to realise highly original ideas. MOE won the Danish Steel Award for the Blue Planet in 2014, and the European Steel Award for Amager Bakke in 2017.

Concrete structures

MOE has designed concrete structures for projects of all sizes and shapes. From power stations and industrial buildings to housing and the site-cast panda enclosure at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Timber structures

Wood as building material is becoming more and more popular. Its visual and sustainable properties are particularly prized. We have considerable expertise in solid wood such as CLT, enabling long, light and robust elements.


Brick is a popular façade material, and the architecture of modern buildings places special demands on the strength of the material. However, the static challenges are often addressed too late in the process. MOE has the expertise to provide guidance on correct use of brick.


MOE can produce dynamic analyses of buildings and constructions. We advise on vibration-dampening measures for bridges and building components such as stairs and chimneys. We also have expertise in earthquake protection