Project Description


40% of the world’s energy is used by buildings, meaning that they play an important role in the green transition. MOE is a multi-disciplinary consultant, covering all aspects of sustainable buildings, and we specialise in certification schemes such as DGNB, LEED, and BREEAM.

Sustainable buildings for the future

MOE’s work within sustainability is equally divided between pioneering spirit and systematics. At one end of the spectrum, we give creativity free reign when our specialists, in consultation with academia develop groundbreaking methods and new knowledge. But we are at least as keen on the systematic incorporation of sustainability into construction projects and in ensuring good overall economy through lower operating costs.

We are strongly committed to consulting and auditing within certification programmes and are actively involved in developing common guidelines for the industry. For example, several of our specialists have helped develop DGNB in Denmark, and we are also co-author of FRI’s new sustainability performance profile.

A holistic view of sustainability

MOE looks at sustainability in a holistic perspective, in which a range of perspectives should be involved in a creative interaction. Because although building regulations must be adhered to and well-documented solutions should be reused, it is important not to fall into the ‘one size fits all’ trap. Particularly when aesthetics, functionality and economy have to be successfully combined.


  • Office buildings
  • Residential
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Education
  • Shopping malls
  • Project development

We advise on:

  • Sustainability management
  • DGNB for buildings
  • DGNB for urban areas
  • LEED
  • Sustainable design
  • LCA – Life Cycle Assessment
  • LCC – Overall economy
  • Circular economy
  • Swan marking

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MOE udfører bæredygtighedscertificeringer efter både DGNB, LEED og BREEAM. Vores ydelser omfatter alt fra rådgivning om valg af certificeringssystem over en screening af det aktuelle projekt til gennemførelse af den valgte certificering. Undervejs i processen rådgiver vi om valg af løsninger og sørger for at disse indarbejdes på rette tidspunkt i processen, så bæredygtighed ikke bliver en unødig omkostning for projektet. MOE arbejder med certificeringer af både nybyggeri, indretninger, byggerier i drift samt byområder.

LCA and choice of materials

En stor del af bygningers samlede CO2 aftryk stammer fra den energi, der bruges til produktion af materialer. En livscyklusanalyse (LCA) skaber et overblik over en bygnings samlede miljøpåvirkning fra udvinding af materialer til nedrivning og bortskaffelse. En LCA kan være en god ide for at få et overblik over om ens materialevalg bidrager til bæredygtigheden. I MOE tilbyder vi både fulde livscyklusanalyser af det samlede byggeri, men rådgiver også om materialevalg generelt.

Indeklima & Energidesign

Indoor climate & energy design

We help to ensure that buildings have the best indoor climate and minimal energy consumption.

Sunde boliger

We set new standards

Ambitions for sustainable construction constantly make demands for better methods and seals of approval, which will highlight the efforts made. MOE actively takes part in the development of common guidelines for the sector.