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Swimming Pool Engineering

Swimming pools in Denmark are among the most popular health facilities for all age groups. But understanding the complexity of building such complexes is often a problem. With our special skills we can advise how swimming pools should be constructed or refurbished to ensure an economic viability and longevity.

We have the right special skills

Water parks must be inviting and have a pleasant atmosphere. But water-filtering and air-conditioning systems also have to be optimally designed in terms of health, hygiene and energy efficiency. The buildings housing swimming pools are also in the high-risk zone for structural damage.

All in all, building and refurbishing swimming pools requires specialist know-how in a wide range of fields, something MOE can offer by virtue of our specialists and years of experience. Especially in relation to operation, maintenance, water treatment plants, energy consumption and indoor climate.

The right technical solutions ensure the longevity of swimming pools

Bathing facilities are usually public buildings that are subjected to rough treatment. The high temperatures, humidity and corrosive chemicals used also make them particularly prone to structural damage. Many such facilities are therefore in poor condition and use too much energy.

Maintenance costs due to poorly planned technical solutions can be very high. Comparing such costs across different locations illustrates massive differences, mainly due to the wrong choice being made at the planning stage.

We draw up situation descriptions and recommendations for existing bathing and swimming facilities focusing on structural and technical facilities, functionality and economy.

We are experts in energy and indoor climate

Bathing facilities require a very special type of building adapted to high indoor temperatures and humidity. Energy consumption is also extremely high. Evaporation from the pool, high-volume water circulation and heating are the biggest energy consumers. With our expertise we can eliminate many of the losses stemming from such factors as quality of equipment, cleaning methods/routines, controlling damage caused by humidity, purification systems, etc.

Many swimming pool complexes may need cooling for parts of the building, whilst heating is needed elsewhere. Energy consumption can be significantly reduced if the interaction between cooling and heating requirements is understood, and the right plant is installed to make energy transmission possible.

By using modern equipment for heat recovery from grey water, air dehumidification and water-saving equipment, annual energy consumption can be reduced considerably.

This is where automation and CTS come to play a key role. The technical facilities in a swimming pool are complicated and an advanced CTS plant is necessary to keep track of energy consumption.

Bathing water quality is also our field

Bathing water quality, indoor climate and health are major themes for the sport of swimming. These issues are particularly important in the Nordic climate, as bathing facilities are usually indoor. Specialist skills within water treatment (water chemistry, purification techniques) have traditionally been the preserve of suppliers. Especially as product and concept development for water and energy consumption is mainly linked to the supplier.

But we also have a broad range of skills in the field and can therefore bring key expertise to projects in order to make the choices that need to be made on the basis of health, hygiene, safety and optimal energy management.

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Ulstein Arena

A swim in beautiful surroundings

Arena Ulstein in Norway is completed, and in Denmark we have started to design two sustainable indoor swimming pools.

Client  Ulstein Kommune
Architect  Lund+Slaatto Arkitekter og Arkitektkontoret Nils Tveit
Services  HVAC and consultancy regarding swimming pool technology