Project Description

Timber construction

Over the last 20 years we have been involved in building 65,000 m2 of mass timber constructions. That makes us front runners, when it comes to building in wood. We it as an important element in the green transition, since the use of wood leads to a considerable reduction of the carbon footprint.

Multidisciplinary specialists

For us, building in wood is not a new discipline, but there is no doubt that it is beginning to make an impact on the Danish market, thanks mainly to sustainability. Wood is also a material that makes exciting architecture possible, with faster construction times. Using mass timber in particular makes the use of long, lightweight and highly robust elements possible. This includes CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber)

It’s important to be aware of the typical challenges inherent with wooden constructions, such as acoustics, fire protection and damp, during the construction period. Luckily, we have a strong team of specialists able to master the task in consultation with our construction engineers.

We have built up our own Videnscenter for Træbyggeri (centre of expertise for timber construction), in which we work closely with the supplier trade association “Træ i byggeriet” (timber in the  Danish construction sector).

About mass timber

The use of mass timber as the load-bearing construction material is gaining ground. Solid wood products are made by either glueing, nailing or dowelling the wood together. The structural elements acquire greater strength and stiffness than ordinary construction timber by taking advantage of the grain direction of the wood and avoiding, for example, weaknesses from knots and flaws. This makes it easier to produce long, light elements with high load-bearing capacity, enabling the creation of spectacular architecture.

A number of studies show that the visual character of wood can have a positive effect on the human psyche, which is one of many reasons architects are specifying wood more often. This lightweight material contributes to faster construction. It requires less transport to the site and less lifting. In addition, the elements can be assembled easily and quickly. There is no casting work, avoiding time wasted in waiting for concrete to harden.

Low carbon footprint

Approximately 40% of the world’s energy is used on building work, which is why the sustainable properties of wood are a major reason for its popularity. Less energy is used for the production of wood products than for other building materials, and wood also stores CO2. From a life-cycle perspective, wood can also be easily recycled, and energy can be extracted by burning it at the end of its service life. If recycling is included, it can actually be argued that its CO2 footprint is negative.

We have relevant experience and expertise within:

  • All types of mass timber: CLT, Brettstapel, laminated wood, LVL and others.
  • Structural timber
  • Renovation of existing timber buildings, including roof structures and timber frames
  • Various construction systems
  • Damp protection during the construction period
  • Acoustics & noise
  • Fire protection
  • Indoor climate
  • Sustainability certification (DGNB, BREEAM and LEED)
  • Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Cost management

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40 multistorey buildings on Lisbjerg Bakke

This social housing project won the 2018 Building of the Year award, and is generally accepted as a prime example of successful Danish wooden construction, as the typical problems of acoustics, fire protection, price and damp were all successfully dealt with during the construction phase. The project consists of 6 blocks of 3 or 4 floors each.

Client  AL2Bolig
Architect  Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
photo  Helene Høyer Mikkelsen
Services all engineering disicplines


Community, sustainability and upcycling are the keywords for a new wooden construction, with 89 exciting social housing units located on Knudrisgade in Aarhus.

Client  Boligkontoret Århus
Archiitect  Kant Arkitekter
Turnkey contractor  Q Construction
services All enigineering disciplines

Skate hall in Jægerborg

This 1,000 m² unheated, lightweight construction is dedicated to the skaters of the area, but is also used for events and other activities. The load-bearing structure consists of laminated wood and the roof is made of CLT elements. The façade consists primarily of polycarbonate sheets made from recycled plastic.

Client  Gentofte Kommune
Architect  Tegnestuen Vandkunsten
Photo  Mads Frederik
Services Engineering consultancy

Moxy Hotel

The hotel in the southern parts of Copenhagen is mainly constructed with a patented modular building system using cross laminated timber(CLT).

Client Vastint Hospitality B.V.
Architect  BWM Arkitechten og Anders Helweg Arkitekter
Services Construction management and Health & Safety

Faaborg Havnefront

Along the waterfront at Faaborg Harbor lies a small mixed-use three-storey complex build in wood. The buildings, which were commissioned in 2006, are constructed with a main structure in the walls and decks of nailed mass timber elements.

Client  Dansk Træemballage A/S
Achitect  Arkitema
Turnkey contractor  DTE Byg
Services The structural design in phase one and all engineering disciplines in phase 2

Karolinelund Day care Centre

The Day Care Centre in Aalborg has achieved the  DGNB Platinum certificate, and one of the reasons for this is the use of certified wood.

Client  Aalborg Kommune
Architect  Bjerg Arkitektur
Services All engineering disciplines og DGNB-Audit