Project Description

Traffic Planning

Our competences within traffic planning range far and wide. We optimise small traffic light-controlled junctions for the benefit of cyclists and road safety, and compile long-term forecasts to form the basis for political decisions on public infrastructure.

Traffic now and in the future

Our traffic planning unit goes by the name of MOE Tetraplan. This is because Tetraplan, the high-end traffic advisor with its own strong brand, became part of the MOE group in 2015. Tetraplan made its name by providing analysis at an overall strategic level and, for example, made 50-year forecasts of traffic across Europe used by the European Commission to formulate strategic goals for CO2 emissions.

That’s why the chances of a good match were identified, as MOE had vast experience with traffic planning, safety close to road users, planning and designing infrastructure. While MOE Tetraplan is based at head office in Copenhagen, our regional offices also have experienced and competent personnel in the field of traffic planning and infrastructure. We are therefore close to our customers and can provide consultancy based on first-hand local knowledge and a nationwide network of specialists.

Working methods

Our tools and methods range from school road analyses to specially-developed traffic models able to analyse future traffic flows in satellite perspective. To ensure a holistic view of traffic patterns, many of our analyses are also beneficially combined with advanced data processing and interviews with relevant stakeholders and different types of road users. Visualisation of effects is especially an integral part of our strategic analysis, as its usefulness as a source of decision-making data is given high priority.


Our many references cover projects of all sizes for public and private-sector operators.

Our customers include:

  • Housing association
  • Property developers
  • EU Commission
  • Municipalities
  • Metroselskabet
  • Ministries and agencies
  • Movia and other transport companies
  • Regions
  • Shopping centres
  • Danish Road Directorate

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Traffic plans and analyses

We create overview and ensure coherence.

Bicycle traffic

Traffic planning for two-wheeled road users

Traffic modelling

Infrastructure projections

Public transport

Planning the future of public transport

Road safety

Those of us who are not new to traffic care for those who are

Goods transport

Well-designed goods transport systems

Traffic development in Copenhagen in a long-term perspective

MOE is leading the development of a new activity based traffic model that will support decisions about future infrastructure in Copenhagen. The model is called COMPASS and is among the most advanced traffic models internationally.