The green transformation of the House of Denmark in Paris is one of the projects where MOE is collaborating with our colleagues at Artelia Group.

The House of Denmark, or Maison du Danemark as it is known in French, is an important showcase for Danish culture and business. The building is located on one of the world’s most fashionable streets, the Champs-Élysées, and it hosts a varied range of activities – everything from jazz concerts and art exhibitions to conferences and political debates. The first floor also features a Michelin-starred restaurant, Copenhague, which specialises in New Nordic Cuisine.

Since it is an older building an extensive renovation is desired. This also presents an opportunity to make the house a model of sustainable Danish building art in a French context. In the summer of 2019, a fire broke out on the 2nd floor, where the building’s art exhibitions are usually displayed.

MOE and COBE Architects are responsible for the future transformation. The assignment is divided into two parts : an overall plan for the future transformation and a more urgent renovation of the second floor, so that it once again can showcase Danish works of art.

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Danish-French cooperation
As part of the Artelia Group which headquarters is located in France, MOE was selected for this task. According to Project Manager, Peter Hesselholt, this represents a number of clear benefits for both the client and us:

“There are clearly some technical matters and local legislation where it is important to be able to draw on local expertise. I have already reviewed the building with a colleague from Artelia who has expertise in installations
and technical systems. Since our task is to define the concept and initial design, it is also important to prepare the project for a detail design phase in a French context. Engaging in close sparring with Artelia is extremely valuable here.”

Green visions
Danish design is world-renowned, while sustainable solutions have become one of Denmark’s important exports. It therefore goes without saying that the building in itself should convey this combination of culture and technology. The ambitions for sustainability are high, and a massive reduction of CO₂ is on the drawing board.

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We are currently involved in a creative brainstorming process, where we are discussing the client’s visions and the architects’ various design proposals. In a more technical context, we are looking at aspects such as the building envelope, energy supply and cooling and ventilation principles. Since one of our tasks is to plan how the building will develop over time, we are looking for solutions that will also be sustainable in the future. We must also ensure that the urgent renovation project on the second floor is compatible with such a future.
Peter Hesselholt
Peter HesselholtHead of Department
Special Skills