A new architectural icon has emerged at the entrance to the City of Smiles. Bjarke Ingels Group is responsible for the design of the spectacular residential building, which presented a number of interesting engineering challenges.

Aarhus Ø has become synonymous with inventive architecture and innovative construction. The newest addition – AARhus – is no exception.

The special body of the building alone demanded many unique solutions in terms of constructions, installations and fire protection. Part of the aesthetic is also the cultivation of clean surfaces, where the materials are completely unfinished and can become patinated over time. This has also given rise to an array of elegant details in the technical design.

Custom tools in use

In terms of energy and indoor climate, the apartments in the V-shaped complex boast a great deal of natural light and large window areas in honour of the view of Aarhus city and port. However, the considerable amount of daylight is also a major challenge for the indoor climate, as room temperatures can become high during the summer months. Here, we have made use of our specially developed tool MIBS, where as early as the design phase it is possible to explore the entire solution space by creating millions of automated simulations.

In addition to the housing complex, a new theatre has been constructed, which is also designed by Bjarke Ingels Group with MOE as a consulting engineers.  The building will also house Teatret Gruppe 38 and an adjacent restaurant.

The project developer is Kilden & Mortensen, while Gehl was responsible for the landscape architecture and the design of the urban space.

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