Illustration: Femern A/S

MOE is given the task to design roads and drainage for a large purpose-built factory, where The tunnel elements for the Fehmarnbelt link will be produced.

The Fehmarnbelt link will be an 18 km long tunnel connecting Denmark and Germany.  The tunnel is made of hollow concrete elements, cast on land, which requires a brand-new factory for this specific purpose. FLC has assigned MOE as the engineering consultant concerning roads and drainage for the production facility, which will have a remarkable size – even on a global scale.

In this regard, we are designing 15 km of roads, 8 km of gravel roads, 4 km of paths, 52.000 sqm paved areas and 89.000 sqm unpaved areas.

The drainage project is similarly large. Besides dewatering for the entire area, surface water is handled, and the expectation is to establish at least 6 pumping stations of a considerable size as well as a number of bassins.

The video below gives a thorough introduction to the extensive project.

Illustration below: Femern A/S

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